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Health Benefit of Eating Snail

Snails are mostly found in a cool environment like a garden and are part of the class Gastropoda even though they have some snails that live in fresh or marine water. Snails can be considered as good items meaning some humans do eat them, it can be considered because most snails do feed on the leaves in the garden thereby causing damages to the plant. Also, snails can be a vector of disease, so not all snails are good to eat and you can’t just pick up one, cook, and eat like that. It has to be properly washed to remove the liquid colourless chemical normally found inside the shell and it’s very good to our health.

Here are some of the health benefits of snails

1. Boost Immune System: Snail contains some essential nutrients like calcium, fatty acids, iron, vitamins B12, Vitamin A, protein, and other nutrients which helps boost the body’s immune system. It has low calories and also a good source of protein. Also, it has anti-cancer properties that aid the body in fights against cancer in the human system.

2. Medicinal Purposes: Snail slime is made of various like antibiotics, collagen, allantoin, glycolic acid, and elastin which can be used in the treatment of various diseases such as scars, skin diseases, ulcer, and so many others. They help the body to recover and heal. It’s mostly used by the cosmetic industry, they have it Incorporated to their products because of its health benefits.

3. Selenium one of the nutrients provided by snails helps to protect human cells from damage likewise preserving and keeping the immune system in perfect condition.

4. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory: Snail contains antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects that help protect the body cells against free radicals that may lead to heart diseases, inflammations, cancer, and other diseases.



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